Chile's Supreme Court Orders Newspaper To Pay Up For Victims Of Exploding Churro Recipe

Seven years ago Chilean newspaper La Tercera made the mistake of printing a recipe for churros that ended up resulting in explosions of hot oil, injuring 13 readers. The case has finally been resolved by the country’s supreme court, which ruled that the paper must compensate the victims.

BBC news says La Tercera will pay $163,000 to readers who fried up the sweet bits of dough from a recipe in the paper, only to have the treats explode and shower them with hot oil. The court says anyone who used the printed recipe could’ve been injured.

Injuries occurred because the oil temperature was too high in the recipe, said the court.

“The explosions were so violent that in some cases the splashes hit the ceiling and covered the person who was cooking,” the court said. “Faithfully following the recipe published in the newspaper, this damage could not have been avoided.”

One more reason to skip dessert.

Chile exploding churros recipe case resolved [BBC News]

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