The Minds Behind Panda Express Want To Be The McDonald's Of Dry Cleaning

Working off the idea that if it works in fast food, it might work for other speedy services, the entrepreneurs who brought America Panda Express Chinese food are seeking to expand into the dry cleaning business.

The Los Angeles Times says Panda Express’ two CEOs, Andrew and Pegg Cherng, are teaming up with Proctor & Gamble to open around 200 Panda Dry Cleaning stores. The first franchised location, dubbed Tide Dry Cleaners, launched Tuesday in a Las Vegas suburb.

Five more Tide Dry Cleaners are set to open in 2012, featuring cleaning machines that look like large orange boxes of Tide.

“There isn’t any consolidation in this particular industry,” Andrew Cherng said. “There is no McDonald’s of dry cleaners. We see this as an opportunity.”

Shouldn’t they want to stick with brand loyalty and try to be the Panda Express of dry cleaners? Just a thought.

Panda Express owners to move from fast food to dry cleaning [Los Angeles Times]

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