Gun Accidentally Fires From Inside Girl's Purse At Wyoming Starbucks

If there’s ever a really great time to make sure your gun’s safety is on, it’s when you’re carrying it in your purse while ordering a super non skinnyfat with extra whip peppermint mocha or whatever at Starbucks. A girl in Wyoming who doesn’t really get firearms was packing a small gun that accidentally went off while she was stopping for her caffeine fix.

The Associated Press says no one was hurt in the incident at a Cheyenne Starbucks Monday morning at around 7 a.m. When the gun fired, the bullet went through a chair and into a wall, barely missing a few customers.

The girl is under 18 and was given the Derringer-type double-barrel .38 Special to carry by her father, for protection reasons. She was cited with underage possession of a firearm.

According to reports, she hasn’t had any formal training in firearms. Which might explain how one could possibly think it’s okay to have a loaded gun with the safety off rolling around in your purse.

Gun fires from girl’s purse at Cheyenne Starbucks [The Associated Press]

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