Pitfalls New Bloggers Should Avoid

You’ve followed your favorite blogs for years and are convinced you can do just as well. With nothing holding you back except for lingering insecurities, you’re prepared to try your hand at blogging. If you want the effort to turn into an enjoyable and possibly profitable hobby, there are things you’ll need to keep in mind as you get started.

Lifehack.org offers these recommendations for newbie bloggers:

* Don’t make it all about you. Maybe you’re a fascinating person and a lot of amazing things happen to you, but don’t expect others to instantly agree and flock to your online diary. Choose a topic others are interested in and stick to it.

* Don’t be too formal. You’re writing posts, not research papers, so be willing to bend conventional writing rules to stay conversational and approachable. Avoid large blocks of text and break things up into short, manageable chunks.

* Get social. Give readers a taste of your blog via social networks. A nominal amount of link-whoring is acceptable, but you’re better off enticing readers with your personality rather than commanding them to click on links.

Starting A Blog in 2012? Avoid These 7 New Blogger Blunders [Lifehack.org]

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