Save Money When Remodeling Your Kitchen

You don’t have to overcook your budget to revamp your kitchen. Be willing to get your materials from unorthodox places, as well as learn how to do some of the improvements yourself, and you can end up with a better-looking kitchen than your neighbor at a fraction of the cost.

How To Manage Money Tips dishes out advice on how to cut costs on a kitchen remodeling project:

* Prioritize. You may despise everything about the way your kitchen looks, but identify what bothers you most to start off. For instance, better-looking counter tops may overshadow the dinginess of your cabinets. Taking the renovations step by step prevents unnecessary overhauls.

* Fake it. Instead of opting for, say, marble counters or expensive cabinets, aim for lookalikes that offer the same look but cost much less. Salespeople can usually find you cheaper alternatives.

* Search the scrap heap. Rather than buying everything new, check ads and junkyards for used materials. Finding the right parts takes some legwork, but you may be able to find like-new stuff for obscenely low prices.

* Learn on the job. YouTube abounds with videos that show you how to do just about any home improvement job. Even if you mess it up, you can always start over and learn from your mistakes.

Tips for Renovating Your Kitchen on a Budget [How To Manage Money Tips]

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