The Point Of A Monogrammed Bathrobe Is That Someone Has To Monogram It

The point of ordering a monogrammed bathrobe for someone as a gift is that you want to give a monogrammed bathrobe as a gift. Jennifer planned to give such a gift this Christmas, and ordered the robe from Brookstone at the beginning of the month. It arrived without the monogram, and thus without the point. The best Brookstone has been able to offer her is a $20 gift card. She is not pleased.

Here’s the e-mail she sent to Brookstone:

On December 1st I placed an order through your website for a monogrammed robe for a Christmas present. On December 9th I received a robe that was not monogrammed and contacted your customer service promptly, providing my order number 21174312. I was told the matter would be taken care of and I would receive the correct item soon. By December 19th I had not received the item and placed another call to Brookstone. After waiting on hold well over 15 minutes, I finally spoke to someone who told me that no one had taken care of the issue and he would try to get it fixed. I told the representative that I needed the robe as a Christmas gift and that if I could not receive it by Christmas, I wanted a full refund. He told me he would have someone call me back.

Today, Wednesday December 21st, I received a voicemail saying my order could not be filled and shipped by Christmas and that I could keep the wrong item and they would send me a $20 gift card. I tried to call back your customer service number but after being on hold for 10 minutes, I hung up.

A $20 gift card is not sufficient with the poor customer service I have received, along with the wrong item. I am very disappointed with the poor customer service I have received from Brookstone. I understand that mistakes are made but the fact that the mistake was not rectified when I first called is very disappointing or that could not ship my item before Christmas with overnight delivery.

Please send me a shipping label so that I may send you back the wrong item.

Brookstone hasn’t been able to resolve the issue, and Jennifer plans to resort to a chargeback.


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  1. NeverLetMeDown says:

    Unclear, did they say

    a) “here’s a $20 gift card, we’re issuing a refund, and you can keep the unmonogrammed robe”
    b) “keep the unmonogrammed robe, we’re sending you a $20 gift card, but no refund”

    If it’s A, then, while not ideal, I think they did a pretty reasonable job of making up for the screwup. If it’s B, then definitely not.

    • RoadDogg says:

      Pretty sure it is all of the following:

      1 – We will send you the correct item whenever we feel like it after Christmas even though you gave us over 2 weeks to get it sorted out.
      2 – Here is a $20 gift card because we suck
      3 – Keep the wrong robe
      4 – No refund

      Her guff is with them failing to resend the right item in a reasonable time. She has no need for the non-monogram robe and a $20 gift card is little consolation for not being able to give someone a gift you purchased plenty early. That said, just give the person the wrong robe and tell them they will be getting another with their monogram eventually. I would be more then happy to receive two robes as a gift even if one was delayed.

    • tinyninja says:

      I don’t think this is poor customer service at all. Since she’s insisting on having it by Christmas, Brookstone’s options for fixing the problem are likely limited. If she were willing to wait for the monogrammed robe, as she ordered, they’d probably be sending it to her.

      I doubt it’s just a matter of pulling the robe, skipping it over to a handy-dandy sweatshop worker for monogramming and popping it in the mail. We’re probably talking about far flung suppliers, possibly the monogrammers being a different company than the robe manufacturers. They may also have been waiting for shipment that didn’t come through, so had to give a second best solution based on the OP’s needing it by Christmas.

      And why can’t OP just give a picture of the robe in a card and say the damn thing is backordered? Is the recepient on life support? Will they self destruct the day after Christmas? Are they the type of person who will insist that Christmas is ruined because their intended gift was backordered? If it’s the latter, those people should only be getting coal in their stockings anyway.

      • humphrmi says:

        Brookstones options for fixing it are limited because they waited the better part of a month to start working on the problem. Which means they need to take more drastic, and unfortunately more expensive measures to fix the situation, I.E. shelling out the extra money for overnight shipping her the robe she ordered.

      • little stripes says:

        “I don’t think this is poor customer service at all.”

        Wow. Really?

      • ovalseven says:

        Not poor customer service? She wants one of two things – either a monogrammed robe by Christmas (that’s what she paid them for because they advertised they could do it), or a refund. That sounds reasonable. They’re giving her neither.

        And nobody said anything about Christmas being ruined.

      • cromartie says:

        This isn’t rocket science. If I order X, 24 days in advance, and you send me Y, and you cannot send me item X in a reasonable timeline, and that timeline is within your refund policy, you owe me a refund, hence the reason she asked for a shipping label.

        The correct answer is not “keep the wrong item, we won’t give you a refund and here’s a gift card.” She wanted a refund, the op requested the proper documentation to get said refund and Brookstone is refusing to honor either their original order in a timeline manner or a perfectly reasonable refund request. How this is “proper customer service” to you is beyond me. Her actions are appropriate in light of the lead time she allowed Brookstone to make good on their mistake and I wish her luck on her chargeback.

  2. RandomHookup says:

    The chargeback is appropriate, but did Brookstone not offer to refund your money? (I would assume the “keep the wrong item” means they aren’t going to charge you for it). Are they still planning on sending you a monogrammed robe, but after Xmas? If that’s the case and you don’t want it, cancel the order, keep the wrong robe and the $20 gift card and take your business somewhere else.

    • Rachacha says:

      The OP probably does not know as she hung up after 10 minutes. I get that she is annoyed, and based on the story as presented she has a right to be, but other than wanting the proper robe (which is not going to happen before Christmas), she has not told Brookstone what she wants as she has not communicated with them about the problem.

    • Johann says:

      It says she’s planning on doing a chargeback, so presumably they’re not refunding her money.

    • macoan says:

      Yea, the way I read it ….. Keep the wrong one (and we won’t charge you), plus give you a $20 gift card because of our screw up – hopefully you will allow us to prove ourselves again with the $20 credit.

      Of course if they don’t refund, then a chargeback needs to be done and such….

  3. ElleAnn says:

    This recommendation won’t solve her issue with Brookstone… but there might be time to salvage the personalized Christmas gift. A lot of local shops which screen print shirts and hats for local teams and events also have custom embroidery equipment which will do monograms. Jennifer could do a google search for custom embroidery, screen printing, or monogramming in her area, call up the local shop, explain the situation, and see if they are open today and whether they would be willing to do just one item. It might work.

    • cameronl says:

      And that $20 gift card will cover the cost. Christmas is saved!

      • MMD says:

        Local embroiderers will take a Brookstone gift card?

      • little stripes says:

        Um. it’s a gift card TO Brookstone. So she’d still have to pay for the monogram (and spend the time getting it monogrammed) … and then find something exactly $20 to spend at Brookstone (unlikely, and what about shipping?). A $20 gift card is awful compensation.

    • GuyGuidoEyesSteveDave‚Ñ¢ says:

      Most malls have a kiosk/cart in the center of the aisle that has the machine right there and you can see it monogram things live!

    • Such an Interesting Monster says:

      Exactly, take the thing someplace and get it monogrammed. I swear people get more and more ridiculous every day.

      • AK47 - Now with longer screen name! says:

        Precisely! It’s so ridiculous for someone to expect to get what they ordered and paid for. And if they don’t get what they wanted, how utterly ludicrous to expect the company to correct their mistake. What is this world coming to?!?

      • little stripes says:

        Yeah! Why should someone expect to get what they paid for? And if there was a mistake, why should they expect that mistake to be fixed in a timely matter? Nope. Instead, they should go out and spend more of their time and money, which was not what they were expecting, to fix someone else’s problem!

        I think your attitude is the problem, and one reason why companies tend to get away with this sort of crap, and not the problem of the OP who has a legitimate complaint.

        This “blame the OP on EVERYTHING!” trend here is getting fucking ridiculous.

        • Such an Interesting Monster says:

          Yeah, it’s right up there with the entitlement.

          Oh noes! I have to wait on hold during the busy holiday shopping season! Oh noes! I only gave them 2 weeks to correct a personalization mistake during the busy holiday shopping season! And no one will return my email during the busy holiday shopping season! I am outraged! My Christmas is ruined! Even though I have the item I paid for and they gave me a credit for the monogramming I’m going to chargeback!!!

          The only thing she left out was the requisite “and they’ve lost a loyal customer cause I’m never shopping there again!”

          Don’t you people ever get tired of all this stupid made up drama over what’s nothing but non-sense? It’s not the end of the world. The OP’s life will go on. The sun will rise. And if she wants to salvage the gift she’ll quit complaining and find a local shop that can monogram. Why is this so difficult?

          After that she can wait to see if she gets an email response or suck it up and sit on hold till she can talk to a human.

          I honestly can’t fathom how you people survive thru a typical day and not have your heads explode.

          • ducktownhusker says:


            Wow, Jennifer – you didn’t get your monogrammed bath robe. I wonder how many people are fortunate enough to even have bath robes. Or even a hot bath for that matter.

            You sandbagged your own case when you admitted to hanging up after 10 minutes. Just put the phone on speaker and go bake a cake or something. It’s not like you have to sit in a prison cell while you wait for the customer service rep to answer.

            For what it’s worth, they were probably returning some guy’s order of a plain white bath robe. Apparently, he got one with some random monogram on it.

            • nodaybuttoday says:

              Congrats for having the most sexist post of all the comments. Go bake a cake? I might as well monograph it myself since all women should know how to sew too right? Maybe if you looked at my comments, you’d see I have written two e-mails and made three calls ranging from 10-20 minutes. The whole point is I shouldn’t have to contact them FIVE times to get this resulted and a fucking $20 gift card to Brookstone doesn’t solve the god damn issue.

              And who cares what time item is. It’s what my husband wanted, Brookstone offers an item, I should expect to get what I ordered and their error should have been corrected the second or third or fourth call! Why on earth does it matter if it’s a luxury or not?

        • tinyninja says:

          They are giving her $20.00 off the robe for it not being monogrammed. She hung up after 10 minutes, so we do not in fact know if they were willing to send her a mongrammed robe after Christmas. They may not have a monogrammed robe in stock in order to get it to her by Xmas.

          Sometimes the perfect solution to an honest mistake does not exist, no matter how much a customer service rep tries to help. I know I’ve been hung up on more than enough times while I was trying to help a customer–they simply refuse to be pleased in some cases. The CSR she was working with may have been trying to sweet talk the boss into a refund, but since the OP hung up, she’s lost any hope of being helped. If Brookstone has notes on customer accounts the hang-up will be noted–trust me.

          And the OP being a woman has nothing to do with anything, I’m a woman with ginormous tatas in a typically male job, so if anything, I’m more sympathetic to sexism. This isn’t sexism. This is, as I stated above, a matter of the perfect solution likely not existing–or perhaps not existing without sweet talking the CSR.

  4. Fubish says: I don't know anything about it, but it seems to me... says:

    Ugh. It looks like she sure doesn’t provide ALL the information – are they charging her for the robe? Does she get a full refund? I understand her frustration, but there are larger things in life. Buy something else, somewhere else.

    Move on.

  5. caradrake says:

    Can you find a local company to do the monogramming? It might not be ideal, but it’d get you a monogrammed robe in time for Christmas.

  6. RandomHookup says:

    Don’t forget that there’s one important piece of information missing:


    You will now be returned to your regularly scheduled programming.

  7. RandomHookup says:

    Don’t forget that there’s one important piece of information missing:


    You will now be returned to your regularly scheduled programming.

    • RandomHookup says:

      Dammit, Consumerist… You said this didn’t post the 1st time.

      • chiieddy says:

        I know what Consumerist can get me for Christmas, a better commenting system. Heck, I rather they use the Disqus system than what they have. :)

        • PunditGuy says:

          You take that back.

          • drjayphd says:

            Eh, my paper just switched from an in-house system to Disqus, and just requiring people to put a name to their comments (it’s set up to allow Facebook, Twitter, OpenID and some other commenting system as well) has cut down on the unhelpful comments. (Here’s how much of a problem they were: one superintendent of schools quit BECAUSE of the non-registered, yet moderated, comment section of our website.) Although I did notice that once we moved to Disqus, at least on my stories, the comments switched from predominantly right-wing trolls to left-wing.

          • chiieddy says:

            Come on, I can remove, edit and post in a timely manner with Disqus(ting). With the Consumerist, the screen refreshes and takes an inordinate amount of time to do so, and I can’t fix spelling errors.

            (Honestly, Gawker has my favorite commenting system where it lets you know when you arrive on the site if there are responses to your comments)

      • caradrake says:

        It’s okay. For an event of this magnitude, Christmas is doubly ruined!

  8. rpm773 says:

    Brookstone should at least give her the $20 in cash, as opposed to a gift card, so that she can go out and buy a permanent marker to monogram the robe herself.

    • ChuckECheese says:

      Credits and gift cards are the new refund currency for retailers who screw things up. A few weeks ago I ordered Presentmas stuff from Amazon 2nd-day, but the order except for one item got bumped to standard ground shipping without explanation. Amazon tried to refund the difference between standard and 2nd-day with a gift card, but because the order qualified for free shipping, I’m holding out for a cash refund of all shipping charges paid.

  9. J.A.Reader says:

    No monogram. Really?
    Ok, its a bad deal. But worthy of public complaint?
    If so, my coffee maker’s timer didn’t work this morning. Damn you Black & Decker!

  10. nodaybuttoday says:

    I am the OP so let me explain things a bit better.

    A. I called them on the 9th, giving them plenty of time to send me a new robe, they didn’t do that

    B. The $20 gift card is for keeping the non-monogrammed robe, they will NOT send me a new one that is monogrammed. The monogram alone is worth at least $20 itself. I would have accepted a partial refund, but they wouldn’t offer that.

    C. I am willing to send the robe back, but it seems they don’t want to talk to me. They don’t return my e-mails and when I call I am on hold for what I feel is way too long. I just want a damn shipping label and I can’t even get that.

    D. Yeah I could give it to them after Christmas, but why should I give Brookstone my money when they have failed so miserably. Why wasn’t the mistake solved the first time I called?

    • nodaybuttoday says:

      And also, I know Christmas isn’t ruined :P I just think Brookstone’s customer service is lacking. My husband told me a while ago how it would be nice to have a monogrammed robe (he admitted it to be an odd request, but it’s what he wanted so I thought it’d make a nice Christmas gift). I have talked to Brookstone three times so far, along with 3 calls made where I was on hold for 10-15-20 minutes (wait got longer as Christmas edged closer, obviously higher call volume), I also sent them 2 e-mails. Most I have received back is a canned response about how important my e-mail is to them. At this point I have told them, just send me a shipping label. I don’t want your shitty gift card, I don’t ever want to shop at Brookstone again, just give me a shipping label. They haven’t said yes or no to that, on the phone I got a “someone will be contacting you soon” and that’s it.

    • mobiuschic42 says:

      I know this isn’t what you’re looking for, especially since you’ve already spent so much, but maybe you could take it somewhere to get it monogrammed? I know lots of times malls have quickie monogram places. At least that way, your husband would get the present he wanted.
      You’d have to do that, like, NOW, though, so it may be too late. :/

    • humphrmi says:

      You make a very good point and it’s the main reason I’m not jumping on the “Blame the OP” bandwagon… regardless of whether or not $20 is a “reasonable” refund for a lack of monogram, they had plenty of time to fix this and they wasted it, and now claim that it’s too late.

      It’s not even too late today! Hell, Amazon is still taking orders for Christmas now, for a $10 extra express shipping charge. Surely Brookstone can dig into their pockets and shell out the extra money to express ship the correct robe to you by Christmas.

      Can’t fix != Don’t want to fix. End of story.

  11. blinky says:

    Sounds like brookstone resolved it fine: keep the robe gratis and take $20. I’m not sure what a chargeback will do.

    Perhaps you can find a local seamstress who can monogram the robe for $10.

    • mobiuschic42 says:

      Uh, the OP’s comment is RIGHT above yours (and almost half an hour before) saying she does NOT get the robe “gratis”

    • George4478 says:

      They definitely did not say “take $20”. The gift card means “save $20 off your next order with us, the people who screwed this order up and from whom you will never order again. Enjoy!”

      It’s not like they tossed a $20 bill in an envelope for her.

  12. "I Like Potatoes" says:

    I didn’t even know Brookstone was still around. Sounds like they shouldn’t be. If you ever decide to buy a monogrammed robe again, try LL Bean. Great customer service and a nice selection of clothing ( & robes) that can be monogrammed.

  13. Hi_Hello says:

    After 10 min Op hanged up….

    Two options:

    1) call the return department and wait… they will process your return. and you probably get to keep the $20 gift card.

    2) as long as the item doesn’t weight 50lbs, you can return it in store.

  14. farker22 says:

    sounds like princess isn’t going to get her monogrammed robe – lulz…

    • MMD says:

      Thanks for proving what I’ve long suspected – complaints from women are mocked far more than complaints from men on this site.

      May your next online order be late and incorrect, and may customer service reps laugh in your face when you try to get it resolved!

      • farker22 says:

        It seems like you’re taking this personally, from my perspective there is more than one place that can do monograms and this issue could have been resolved without dragging the issue out. I apologize if my response seemed misogynistic – but we’re all people and im going to bust on everyone…

        • Charmander says:

          OP has a valid complaint. She does not sound like a princess. She contacted the company when they sent her the non-monogrammed robe weeks ago, and they screwed up. They did nothing. Now, it’s too late.

          And they are giving her a $20 gift card, so she can spend it on a future purchase to Brookstone? Methinks she is likely not to want to shop there again.

          There’s no entitlement here. She doesn’t want more than what she ordered and paid for in the first place: a monogrammed robe.

        • Dalsnsetters says:

          Typical for someone from… 1/2 the article, make your own assumptions and then blame the OP and call her a princess for expecting to get what she paid for.

          Don’t get me wrong, I’m a farker also (since 2005), but I’m not a farker who finds it necessary to put others down in order to make myself superior. Seems to be a problem inherent to

    • Jane_Gage says:

      Her HUSBAND wanted the foo foo thing to begin with..

    • farker22 says:

      if anything the husband would only be wearing it for her – get him what he really wants, a fleshlight and a six pack.

  15. maxhobbs says:

    Monogrammed robes are for the 1%, you obviously are not the 1%…..

  16. AllanG54 says:

    First of all, who’s going to see the monogram? The person wearing it and anyone else in the house. Now, I’m sure the person wearing it and the other people in the house know what that person’s name is and hence don’t need to see his initials. Unless of course, there’s a house full of the same kind of robe and that person wants to know which one is theirs. So frankly I think it’s a useless gift anyway.

    • MMD says:

      Irrelevant. She placed an order and it wasn’t fulfilled correctly. Since then she’s been jerked around. Inexcusable, whether you approve of the purchase or not.

    • little stripes says:

      Are people only blaming the OP this much because it’s a woman who made the complaint? This is a pretty standard Consumerist issue and the store was CLEARLY, 100% at fault, yet everyone is like, “lol she’s such a whiny princess.”

      What the fuck? So many assholes.

      • MMD says:

        See my similar post above. It’s ridiculous how blatant the sexism is here.

      • Charmander says:

        I agree. How can you blame the OP? She did nothing! She paid for an item that she didn’t get, tried to get it fixed, and the retailer screwed up by not fixing it.

    • daemonaquila says:

      Nobody really cares if you think it’s a dumb gift. I’m sure there are things you buy that people roll their eyes at. What matters is that the OP has been shafted by the retailer.

    • Dalsnsetters says:

      Oh well goddamn, I didn’t realize you were the arbiter of all gifts that are good! Can you please send me your private email address? I need to make sure the gifts I’m giving to my family (none of whom you know) meet your approval!

      Does it even matter to you that her husband REQUESTED this gift? Does that carry any weight in that blank space between your ears??????

      Arrogant asshole.

  17. dush says:

    Brookstone, the company that will sell you a candy dispenser, but you have to buy the ac adapter separately.

  18. aleck says:

    Note to self:
    – order 20 monogrammed robes from Brookstone
    – receive them without monograms
    – give a bunch as gifts
    – complain to Brookstone
    – sell the rest on eBay
    – profit!!!

  19. dangermike says:

    Terrible titling. It implies a disgusting level misanthropy, as if the only reason to want to own a monogrammed bathrobe is for the self-reasurring knowledge some poor loser had to spend the time monogramming it. I think perhaps it was meant to mean “The point of ordering a monogrammed bathrobe having a monogrammed bathrobe.” However, since this sentiment is actually more economical in terms of character/word count, it makes the present distinction of “someone has to” more poignant and difficult to overlook.

  20. jariten says:

    Take the robe to a local drycleaner/alteration shop…they should be able to do a simple monogram within a day or 2. (Oh, and as always, stay local if you’re on a short time crunch…there’s something to be said for being able to walk into a store.)

    If a full refund is not forthcoming charge it back.

    Trash the gift card unless you ever plan on dealing with these goons again (or trade it in to or one of those other places like that …Brookstone isn’t known as the pinnacle of customer support)