At This Quizno's, Meat Is Mandatory

Brenda is a vegetarian, and finds that Quizno’s is one chain that she can depend on to make her a tasty and meat-free sandwich. Until, for once, she visited a restaurant near her home and tried to order a sub without meat. This was not possible. Even if she ordered one of the subs listed on the sign, but requested that the meat be left off. No. Not allowed.

I travel a lot, and in my travels, I’ve found Quizno’s to be a safe, predictable good vegetarian haven. How things change when I try to eat at a Quiznos close to home.

I asked them to make me a torpedo. The clerk replied, “Which kind?” I said, “Veggie.” He said that they didn’t do that, and I had to choose one of the ones listed on the sign. I read it over carefully. Each contained meat. I noted that he could make any one of them, but just wanted the meat left off. The answer was still no. I actually thought he was kidding. He volunteered to check with the manager. The manager – both to him and to me – also said no. So, I left and got my lunch elsewhere.

You will eat our meat.

This sounds like a case of a rogue franchise. Try contacting corporate. If the official Quizno’s policy is to not serve vegetarians, well, that’s your answer. And if it’s this particular manager who is wrong and training employees incorrectly, well, they should be corrected.

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