A Crash Course On Thank You Notes

They say the giving of a gift is reward enough, but gift-givers may feel miffed if they don’t get an acknowledgment in return. That’s where the ancient art of thank-you notes comes in, allowing you to express appreciation for what you’ve received.

Bargaineering helps out with a primer on how to write succinct, polite notes that will bring smiles to those who give you stuff.

Recommendations include greeting and thanking the giver by name, describing how you’ll use the gift and maybe tossing in a vague offer to get together soon. There’s no need to make an essay out of it. Brevity and sincerity are key.

The post notes that a thank you email is acceptable — especially if that’s the way you usually communicate with the giver — but taking the time to write an actual note shows an extra level of dedication.

How to Write a Thank You Note [Bargaineering]

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