PayPal And Wells Fargo Promise To Get Your $400 Back, Don't Know How

Shannon made an error when transferring money out of her PayPal account, giving them an incorrect Wells Fargo account number that belonged to an actual person. PayPal assures her that the money will come back to her if she’s patient, but $400 is a lot of money to her, and she’s losing patience. She’s caught in a loop between PayPal and Wells Fargo, and neither company knows how to get her money back.

I have been dealing with Paypal and Wells Fargo since the 5th of December. I put the wrong account number in when I went to transfer my Paypal funds to a bank and it ended up getting posted to a real, WRONG account. Paypal keeps telling me to wait, wait, wait. They tell me everything is going to be fine, it will bounce back. I talk to Wells Fargo who can’t tell me anything because it’s not my account. Now, I understand that, but how the heck can I not recover my money?

Wells Fargo had me have Paypal send an inquiry. They did. Wells Fargo then told me that an inquiry doesn’t do anything, even though they said before the inquiry would probably make the money bounce back. Okay, cool, now I’m chasing my tail. I had Paypal send the request to return funds, Wells Fargo DENIED it without reason. I don’t even know what to do. Paypal is clueless, Wells Fargo is clueless. How can it be possible that I can’t get funds with my name on them that shouldn’t have been able to be deposited returned to me?

There’s more to this, but I’ll save it. Thanks for reading. Any help you could provide would be astronomical. I’m a single mother and this was $400 I was using for Christmas.

The Executive E-Mail Carpet Bomb has proven effective against Wells Fargo in the past. This classic Consumerist post and its comments are a great resource for contact information for people at PayPal who may have some idea what’s going on.

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