Giving Gifts That Will Help Save Money

Why give someone an expensive diamond? All it does is lie there and look pretty and it won’t keep you warm in the winter months. While it might not seem as exciting or romantic, consider a few useful gifts that will help your loved ones save money this holiday season. makes a few useful suggestions on presents you can give that are practical for your home and will continue giving long after the festivities are over.

Programmable Thermostat: This works year-round to save money, by keeping it cool when you’re at home and reducing AC when you’re way, and works for heat as well. At a cost of only around $30, its energy saving potential will more than pay for itself.

AAA Membership: Banking on the kindness of strangers for a jumpstart or hoping a tow truck won’t cost too much can be a thing of the past with an AAA membership. Sure, it’s the opposite of romantic, but your loved one will thank you when they get stranded in an empty parking lot.

Reusable Shopping Bags: Great stocking stuffers and super cheap, giving these will not only instill a sense of doing good while shopping, but will benefit the environment as well. Some retailers like CVS even offer a discount for shoppers with their own bags. Everybody wins!

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