TSA Agent Finds Pot In Rapper's Bag, Leaves Note Rather Than Confiscating It

Remember that TSA agent who left a “get your freak on” note inside the bag of a woman who packed a vibrator — and was subsequently fired for doing so? Well it looks like that agent was not the only wannabe quipster among his security-screening kin.

After flying back to Indiana from a show in Denver, rapper Freddy Gibbs claimed via Twitter that the TSA discovered marijuana in his suitcase, but rather than confiscate it or have him arrested, the agent chose instead to just write “C’mon son” on a document letting him know the bag had been searched (and that maybe he should do a better job of packing his pot).

Forbes.com says it contacted the TSA for comment and was told that the agency was “looking into it.”

Another TSA Officer Leaves Personalized Note In Passenger’s Bag (After Finding Marijuana) [Forbes.com]

Thanks to Simon for the tip!

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