McDonald's Wants To Be Sure You Know They Use Actual Potatoes In French Fries

In a bid to woo more customers into chomping their bits of french fry goodness instead of a competitor’s fried offerings, McDonald’s is launching a new ad campaign to show how their fast food isn’t just about grease and speed, but that it comes from actual plants grown in the ground.

In the 15-second ad spot that debuted this week, via AdAge, consumers got a preview of the new campaign hitting TVs in early January. In it, a farmer sits amidst a plethora of potatoes, peels one and says, “”If you think they’re good now, just wait until they’re McDonald’s fries.”

Well, yes, a potato is likely going to taste much different (we mean better!) when it’s not raw, and instead has been immersed in a vat of hot oil, fried to golden perfection and salted just so.

“We thought putting a face on the quality of the food story would be a unique way to approach this,” said U.S. Chief Marketing Officer Neil Golden. “We acknowledge that there are questions about where our food comes from. I believe we’ve got an opportunity to accentuate that part of our story.”

Ever the bandwagon jumpers, McDonald’s follows in the footsteps of other chains showcasing how ingredients go from farmer to fast food, including Wendy’s and Domino’s.

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