Dell Ditches Its Netbook Computers As Tablets Continue To Captivate Consumers

Hear that? It’s the dying gasp of the Netbook computer, as tablets continue to rule as the device of choice for small, portable computing needs. So clutch your Dell Mini close and tell it you love it, as the company says it isn’t selling any more of the 10-inch laptops.

In a sign that tablets are really taking hold, CNet says a search for the once popular little Dell Minis on their site comes up with no results, and that Dell is going to be focusing more on its newer products.

“We sold through the Dell Mini some time ago. We’re committed to the highly portable space and have focused on delivering thin + powerful solutions, for which we’ve seen strong success, particularly in our XPS line,” Matthew Hutchison, director of Dell Global Consumer PR, said in a statement sent to CNET.

The Netbook debuted in 2008 and had a good, if short run — in August 2010 Intel said they’d shipped 70 million Atom processors for the laptops.

If you still think a tablet isn’t for you, check out our smarter sibling Consumer Report’s reasons why a netbook (obviously, not one from Dell) might be the right choice.

Dell says goodbye to Netbooks [CNet]

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