Update: Jet's Pizza Says That List Of Payroll Deduction Penalties Is Not Company Policy

Earlier today, we mentioned a list of on-the-job violations and commensurate payroll deductions that someone on Reddit claims was posted by the manager of a Jet’s Pizza restaurant. After seeing the story, a rep for the chain reached out to Consumerist to say this list, if genuine, did most certainly not come from Jet’s HQ.

In a statement to Consumerist, a rep for the Michigan-based writes:

I have read your email concerning the posting at a what is alleged to be a Jet’s Pizza store. Jet’s America, Inc (franchisor of Jet’s Pizza) wants to make clear that the “rules” contained in the posting are not company policy at Jet’s Pizza. We do not in any way condone these type of penalties with fines. If you have any further information regarding this situation, especially with respect to the location involved, Jet’s America would be happy to immediately look into this situation.

We are reaching out to our franchisees internally to find out which location has this posted.

Our point in posting the letter was to see how widespread this sort of rules/penalties system is, but we’re glad to see that Jet’s chose to get out in front of this and say it doesn’t abide such behavior from its franchisees.

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