Should Employers Be Able To Dock Your Pay For Not Following The Rules?

UPDATE: A rep for the pizza chain where this list was allegedly posted tells Consumerist that the items on this list are definitely not company policy.

It’s one thing to get yelled at by your boss for using your cell phone or not wearing the proper uniform, but should — and more importantly can — your employer deduct money from your paycheck for these rules violations?

In this thread over at Reddit, one commenter posted a photo of a list of infractions and related deductions at his place of business, a pizza chain with around 200 stores in 13 states.

Among the items on the list:
-Friends/Family visiting while employee is working: $5
-Improper uniforms: $5
-Having any personal items in the kitchen: $5
-Not wearing an apron: $5

We’ve attempted to contact this pizza chain to see if this is indeed company policy or if it’s just a rogue franchise owner. As soon as we have some sort of reply, we will update.

Whether or not such a policy is legal depends on the state. In this particular chain’s home state of Michigan, for example:

[A]n employer can not withhold wages for disciplinary action. All earned wages are required to be paid on the scheduled pay date. Note: employers are required to deduct certain deductions as required by law or permitted through a collective bargaining agreement. Deductions, other than those required by law or collective bargaining agreement, require the employees signed written consent for the deduction.

However, this is not the case in all states, where the rules are not so clear.

That’s why we want to see how common this sort of policy is. If you have stories of having your pay deducted for rule-breaking, share them in the comments. In the meantime, vote on whether or not you think this is a good thing for employers to do:

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