Best Buy Pulls A Rare Move And Actually Makes A Customer Happy

We get a lot of customer service complaints about Best Buy. So much so, that when a piece of reader mail comes in commending them for doing something good, well, it’s an event that needs to be remarked upon. That’s where James comes in.

He wrote in about a good experience he had at a Best Buy near Baltimore, and felt he should share the warm and fuzzy feeling, as he knows we do a lot of horror stories involving the store. Take it away, James!

I came in to get a GPS hiking unit for my brother. I found the unit cheaper at REI, but I had a combined $30 in rewards to Best Buy that I wanted to use. A young sales rep named C. found the price online and matched it for me, saving me $15. He then proceeded to try and enter all of my coupons and we hit a few snags.

Due to some issues on their side with the computers, and my side with accidentally re-printing the same coupon twice, it took about 20 minuets to finally complete my sale. I was patient and did not mind, but I really appreciated the efforts of both C. and his manager. C. had to attempt to complete my complex sale on multiple registers, with a flurry of Christmas shopper activity around him. He never left my attention and both he and [manager] A. were constantly apologetic for the errors in their system. A. even gave me an additional $10 off for being patient.

I know Best Buy gets a lot of crap, sometimes rightfully so for their corporate policies or individual managerial decisions, but here are two guys who really made my shopping better and worked hard on a resolution for me.

Perhaps it’s just one small drop in the Best Buy bucket, but the bottom line is, we’re always glad to report positive experiences, rare and surprising though they may be.

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