Shoplifter Stabs Walmart Security Employee In Parking Lot

Something odd must be in the water at a Walmart in Georgia. At the very same store where syringes were turning up in clothing, an employee was stabbed over the weekend after confronting an accused shoplifter in the parking lot.

The employee told cops that the shopper stabbed him when he and another worker went after the woman for allegedly stealing from the store, says local news WXIA-TV.

After the woman fled, an off-duty cop spotted her running and arrested her before she could drive away from the scene. She’s been charged with aggravated assault, obstruction and giving false information to an officer.

Just a few weeks ago, the same Walmart reported several incidences of hidden syringes in various items of clothing, a few of which stabbed shoppers.

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Walmart security worker stabbed by shoplifter [WXIA-TV]

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