Shoplifter Stabs Walmart Security Employee In Parking Lot

Something odd must be in the water at a Walmart in Georgia. At the very same store where syringes were turning up in clothing, an employee was stabbed over the weekend after confronting an accused shoplifter in the parking lot.

The employee told cops that the shopper stabbed him when he and another worker went after the woman for allegedly stealing from the store, says local news WXIA-TV.

After the woman fled, an off-duty cop spotted her running and arrested her before she could drive away from the scene. She’s been charged with aggravated assault, obstruction and giving false information to an officer.

Just a few weeks ago, the same Walmart reported several incidences of hidden syringes in various items of clothing, a few of which stabbed shoppers.

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Walmart security worker stabbed by shoplifter [WXIA-TV]


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  1. Darrone says:

    If someone is shoplifting from the store you are paid $7.75 an hour to protect, CALL THE POLICE. Walmart is not worth a stabbing.

    • FreeMarketFan says:

      And now they will be fired for going after said thief. There is a policy in place to assure these things don’t happen.

      You’re getting paid peanuts, no reason to risk your life over it. Furthermore the store doesn’t need the additional liability of employees thinking they are anything other than low level staff.

      Let the police handle the thefts, let the stores insurance handle the shrink and move along.

      • tooluser says:

        The job of a security guard is to be a visible deterrent, and to call the police at the first sign of trouble. That’s it.

    • Ishbar says:

      But the absurd thing is, if you should be caught defending yourself, especially from an armed individual, you would still be fired. Despite that the moment a gun is pointed at you, your very life is at stake.

      Remember the Pharmacy employee who was saved by an assailants misfiring gun? Fired. Even though if all had gone as planned, the associate would have been off payroll anyways, and the thieves a couple hundred richer.

      Situations like this are silly, let the person steal, and be on with their life. However, companies really just don’t value their employees, when defending your life is merits for removal.

    • StarKillerX says:

      You all obviously have no idea what your talking about, loss prevention workers aren’t expected to tackle people in the parking lot, and in fact are normally forbidden from doing so, and instead follow the theif outside confront them and escort them back inside.

      It probably happens thousands of times a day, but this one case is an aberration, otherwise it wouldn’t be worthy of coverage.

      • Darrone says:

        Obviously you’ve never met a security guard. Not all, but many, take their jobs way to seriously. Some do chase them into parking lots and tackle them. We don’t have every detail here, but I hardly think he asked the woman to come back inside and she stabbed him out of the blue. That would be unusual.

        My point was clearly that it’s not worth getting stabbed over. Don’t chase suspects. Don’t physically confront them in parking lots. No one wins in that scenario.

  2. Rachacha says:

    “Something odd must be in the water at a Walmart in Georgia. At the very same store where syringes were turning up in clothing, an employee was stabbed over the weekend…”

    I don’t see anything odd about that. Seems like a normal week a WalMart!

  3. raydee wandered off on a tangent and got lost says:

    We needed to pick up a few things late last night and hit up Wal-Mart.

    It was totally worth it; there was a golden fox running around the parking lot. I’ve never seen a live wild fox since moving to this area, just squished ones, so we stoped and gawked at it for a bit before parking and heading in.

    Also, Midnight Wal-Mart runs? Stockers everywhere, but no lines. :D

  4. Hi_Hello says:

    sooo did the person actually stole anything? she wasn’t charge with robbery…or did I missed something?

  5. Cat says:

    I thought the woman mixing and cooking up meth in an OK Walmart was a more consumer-oriented story.

    One-stop shopping FTW!

    • lovemypets00 - You'll need to forgive me, my social filter has cracked. says:

      When I saw that, I wasn’t even all that shocked. It’s amazing how far we’ve fallen as a society. At the risk of sounding like a grumpy old person, when I was a kid, my mom made sure I had clean clothes, shoes, face etc. to go to town. There was no yelling in the store, from me, anyway, as I would have gotten paddled. I don’t remember people acting worse than zoo animals in the store.

      I can’t think of much worse things to happen in Walmart than trying to make meth, unless someone grows pot in the garden area, or maybe tries to run prostitutes out of part of the store. I wouldn’t be surprised if either of those things have already happened.

      • Cat says:

        Actually, making Meth in the store is much worse than growing pot in the garden area, or hookers in the store. I might have bought both in my younger days if Walmart sold them.

        Although buying Walmart hookers is *probably* not a good thing. (Pictures the same meth cooking skank in the video on the clearance shelf at Walmart “Save Even More!” “Only $19.95” ::shudders::)

      • Doubting thomas says:

        I have to vote that growing pot in the store would be nowhere near as bad as cooking meth. You don’t find a lot of stories about pot plants exploding, or people dying from improperly mixing leaves and twigs.

  6. Marlin says:

    When I worked at Wal-Mart, and before I knew WM did not give a damm abouts its employees, I chased a shoplifter in the parking lot. He stopped, turned around, and pulled out a screwdriver. Only reason i did nto get stabbed was someone in the garden shop ran up behind him and he put the screwdriver away and then tried to play it cool.

    I did not chase shoplifters after that.

    • wellfleet says:

      So the part of your training where you were told explicitly to never, ever chase any kind of shoplifter… Did you skip that part? Would it have been worth your life to “save” some video games/block of cheese/fishing pole?

      • Krazycalvin says:

        Lord knows being caught stealing a block of cheese is a great reason to stab somebody.

      • Marlin says:

        What part, never was told that. Neither was anyone else.

        In fact they had codes for shoplifters to say over the intercom. Guess what they never told me those either. So I was screaming “MANAGER TO GARDEN SHOP FOR SHOPLIFTERS!!!”

        No one came. I went to the back after all 3 of them left and confronted the store manager. She just rolled her eyes and said “you are supposed to say CODE xxx, not shoftlifters.”

        That and others after me chased them. Not a single person was ever fired or told not to chase them.

        • sendmoney2me says:

          they are told now.

        • wellfleet says:

          Sorry. I call 100% BS. Not only are you told this in training, you are also required to sign off on the training. Every single big box retailer does this. And, if you think that risking your life for a product that the company is INSURED for, you should probably work elsewhere because you’re a liability to yourself and others.
          Retailers budget a certain amount each year for shrink. They are insured for it. When stores come in under that number, many managers, especially in product process, make a bonus off of that percentage.

          • Marlin says:

            BS is on you.
            Nothing signed and we got pats on the back when we hauled shoplifters in.

            Like I said; once I saw how the store manager did not care neither did I.

    • Oddfool says:

      When I worked there, we were taught aggressive hospitality, going into overdrive on customer service. (I know…customer service at Walmart. Well, d@mnit, I gave it. Good service, too!) I’ve stopped a couple of people before they completed their 5-finger discounts.

  7. dragonbox says:

    We know what’s going to happen. The employee is going to get fired because they chased and confronted outside of the store doors, lose their healthcare, etc etc and this is going to become a horrible story for all involved.

    • doctor_cos wants you to remain calm says:

      It’s Wal-mart. There is no healthcare.

      • Evil_Otto would rather pay taxes than make someone else rich says:

        In fairness, Wal*Mart does offer health insurance to some of its full-time employees. The ‘security guard’ is unlikely to be one of them, as far as I can tell.

        Of course, the ‘health insurace’ they offer is catastrophic high-deductible coverage that has so many restrictions and rules that you might as well keep the money the employees have deducted from their paychecks and put it in a savings account.

  8. Loias supports harsher punishments against corporations says:

    Will likely lose their job and not be covered medically for the stabbing.

    • consumer420 says:

      The headline says it was a security employee. Maybe part of their job includes following shoplifters?

  9. dakeypoo says:

    That’s why I legally concealed carry. I also do not work in security.

    • Crim Law Geek says:

      So you would have what, shot the shoplifter in a busy store or parking lot? You would have shot somebody, with all the hassle that entails, to save Walmart $3’s worth of products they probably wouldn’t even sell after the incident anyways?

      • Applekid ‚îÄ‚îÄ‚î¨ Ôªø„Éé( „Çú-„Çú„Éé) says:

        I think the idea coming across is that Crazies shop at Walmart. Normal folk, too, but, yeah, Crazies.

  10. OmicroN says:

    Wait … Doesn’t Wal-Mart have a policy against chasing suspected shoplifters into the parking lot? I can’t wait to see the post on Consumerist about a security employee being fired from the Cartersville, GA Wal-Mart for being stabbed after chasing a shoplifter into the parking lot from the store….

  11. smo0 says:

    I thought security personnel were supposed to stop would-be shoplifters…. did I miss something?

    Sounds like that Wal-Mart needs an overhaul…. (I’m also surprised that this isn’t Florida, but it’s GA…. the degenerate cousin.) Also I don’t mean that all people who live in GA are degenerates but the Florida “escapees” tend to migrate there.

    • Coelacanth says:

      It’s quite unfortunate, but we’re living in an age where so many big-box stores (WalMart, Best Buy, etc.) have made it corporate policy that loss prevention personnel are not to engage in physical confrontation or chase after shoplifters. As a result, those who have gone “above and beyond” to chase after criminals have been in violation of corporate policy and summarily discharged.

      It’s all about insulating themselves from liability in case the shoplifter would attempt to sue the store in case they were injured in the middle of their criminal act.

      I seem to recall that insurance companies may also require / encourage corporations to take this stance in order to lower their rates or have liability insurance at all.

  12. Kamaria says:

    In before blame the OP for daring to help the store.

  13. varro says:
  14. jack11058 says:

    When I was 19, I worked loss prevention for Tower Records. Once, I confronted a booster inside the store, and he took a box cutter to my face. Totaled 55 stitches–inside and out–and I still have the scar. It’s a nice conversation starter if someone actually has the guts to ask what happened. So yeah, it’s not really worth it unless you like the ol’ “Pirate Look”.

  15. energynotsaved says:

    Once upon a time, a lifetime ago, I was a 16 year old working at McCroy’s. I was told to never chase anyone. If I was robbed, give the money without fight or discussion. Fast forward to a bad time in my life, and I was working at WalMart. I also received the same message at Wallyworld. In fact, I had to sign off that I had been so trained.

    No job is worth the loss of life or limb.

  16. dpeters11 says:

    Once I was in a Walmart, leaving, and the person just in front of me set off the door security. Probably like most other times, a tag wasn’t deactivated. When the alarm went off, a recorded voice came over a speaker “The Walmart inventory control system has been activated.” We actually stopped, and I start to have visions of laser fields and big men in suits. Nope, all we get is an 80 year old greeter that wants to check our receipt. Was quite hilarious. Haven’t heard that announcement since, even with the security tripped.

    • Tunnen says:

      Our local Walmart has a fairly funny message too. “I’m sorry but it appears one of our associates failed to deactivate the inventory control tag on your purchase. Please return to the counter to have this resolved. Thank you.”

      Could be that I’m just in Canada, so even our robotic overlords are polite. I also like how they admit it’s their mistake, which most of the time it is, rather than treat everyone like a thief.

  17. khooray says:

    I used to manage a salon and had to do nightly drop off’s at the bank and they said we’d get fired if someone jacked us or robbed the salon. I said if someone wants to steal $300 and all the shampoo they can carry, they can have it. Not worth getting hurt to keep that $6.50/hour salon job.