5 Ways To Keep Your Dog Warm During Cold Months

Dogs are better equipped to handle the cold than humans, but Jack Frost can still put the hurt on pooches. If you own a dog who spends a lot of time outside, there are things you can do to make sure he stays warm when temperatures bottom out.

PetPlace suggests ways to warm up your dogs, ranging from the practical to the silly.

Here are five of the more reasonable:

* Keep your dog inside. This isn’t always a reasonable solution, especially if your dog isn’t house trained, but letting your dog in for a few hours can ease the burden of a chilling night.

* Get a doghouse. A shelter will protect him from wind chill and weather. Go for a sloped roof and consider adding insulation.

* Get a dog bed. A bed can help your dog retain his body heat, adding an extra bit of warmth.

* Feed him more. Fighting off the cold burns calories, so consider giving your dog a bit more fuel when it gets cold. Consult a vet if your dog is overweight.

* Keep his spirits up. More treats and attention can make your dog less miserable when he’s struggling with the elements.

10 Ways to Keep Your Pet Warm this Winter [PetPlace]

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