Ambush Locally-Owned Businesses With Support Via Cash Mob

Are you looking for a way to support locally-owned businesses that also includes the element of surprise, meeting new people, and alcohol? If so, consider putting together a cash mob for your city. No, not a flash mob: a cash mob. They’re groups of people, organized online, who pledge to spend at least $20 at a locally-owned business that gives back to the community.

Here, according to the original cash mob site, are the key rules. You are, of course, welcome to change them up to suit your own city.

1) The mob date must be announced a week in advance via Twitter.
2) The location at which to meet will be announced, but not the specific business to support.
3) The amount to spend will not be above $20, although people can spend more if they wish.
4) The business must have products for both men and women.
5) The business must be locally owned.
6) The business owner must give back to the community in some way.
7) The business owner must approve the CashMob before the mob is announced.
8) The business must be within one block of a watering hole.
9) Cash Mobbers must join us for celebratory drinks after the successful mob.
10) The cash mob will occur during the evening on a weekday or on a weekend.
11) Pictures will be posted to the blog after the CashMob.
12) Parking must be available.

Mobs in Cleveland and San Diego have already made the news. Will your city be next?

Want to Cash Mob? [Cash Mobs]

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