Avoid These 3 Retirement Plan Mistakes

You’ll be excused for worrying more about your day-to-day financials than those of your future, 65-year-old self. But it’s important not to let your 401(k) or other long-term investments become afterthoughts. One reason to think big-picture is that decisions you make in retirement investments now will have ripple effects that turn into tidal waves in your golden years.

Financial Highway warns about mistakes to avoid when arranging your retirement savings:

* Failing to keep your beneficiaries list updated. Sure, you love your husband now and want him to get your life savings if you die. But you’ll feel differently after he runs off with his secretary. Whenever you go through major life changes, such as marriage, divorce or having kids, you’ll want to give your beneficiaries list a once-over.

* Invest without knowing what you’re doing. It’s foolish to choose your investments without doing research or understanding what fees are involved. Talk to someone who knows what they’re doing about selecting the right mix of conservative and higher-yield investments.

* Missing out on an employer match. You may feel like you’re making more money if you sock away a minimal amount, but you may really be giving yourself a pay cut. If your company offers matching funds and you fail to contribute enough to get the maximum, you’re leaving money on the table.

5 Retirement Plan Mistakes to Avoid in the New Year [Financial Highway]

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