Android Users Will Also Be Able To Take Faux-Vintage Photos With Instagram

Good news, Android users who have been just dying to take as many cool, faux-vintage retro-ish pics on your smartphones — soon Instagram won’t just be for iPhones anymore. Developers are working on a version of the photo app for the Android platform.

If you’ve been slobbering over your pals’ ability to get just the right touch of sepia on their otherwise boring photo of a lone shoe on the sidewalk, there is an end in sight. CNET says there are two whole people working on the Android app.

Chief Executive Kevin Systrom told conference attendees in Paris about the plans, saying: “We have two people working on Android now. I’m excited to be able to see our numbers today nearly double.”

He’s excited?!?!? I’ve got an exposed brick wall that needs photographing!

There are currently 14 to 15 million users of the special effects app that adds different filters to their photos and instantly share them on social networks. While Android users have various other photo apps available, none seem to have taken hold like the Instagram app has for iPhones.

Instagram photo app for Android is under way [CNET]

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