Card Skimmers At 23 California Supermarket Locations Steal Thousands Of Dollars From Customers

A flood of residents in California are reporting thousands of dollars stolen from their bank accounts, after credit card skimming machines were found in the self-checkout lines of 23 Lucky Supermarkets stores.

The Press Democrat reports that at least 57 residents of Petaluma and other towns have had money siphoned from bank accounts, and police say a few incidents turned into more than 40 complaints on Monday. The average loss is around $500, and Lucky Supermarkets have been the common denominator.

Reports of theft are happening throughout the area, in Petaluma, San Francisco, Santa Barbara, Northridge and Reno, say cops. At first, Lucky’s corporate office denied their stores were involved, before eventually admitting that 23 of their 233 stores were hit.

Customers who believe their accounts have been compromised can call the Lucky Customer Support Center at 800-692-5710.

*Thanks to Justine for the tip!

Lucky urges some customers to close bank accounts as losses mount [Press Democrat]

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