4 Ideas For Cheap Dates

One of the many brilliant scenes in the 1998 comedy Half Baked features Dave Chappelle taking Rachel True on a date with only a few dollars in his pocket. He gently steers the outing in directions that will cost him less money, starting with suggesting a walk over a cab ride under the guise that hoofing it is more romantic. The scene encapsulates the problems couples face when trying to entertain themselves without breaking their budgets.

Money Help For Christians suggests several creative ways to pass an evening while spending as little as possible:

* The Da Vinci Code. Buy a gift and hide it somewhere, leaving a trail of riddles and hints that lead to one another, culminating in the inevitably disappointing payoff that is the present. The searcher has fun solving the clues while the planner gets to sit back and enjoy the comedy of the hunt.

* Star Tours. Back in the day, when people had no movies or TVs, they had to derive much of their entertainment by stargazing and crafting fanciful stories about constellations. Staring into the great beyond together is an excellent conversation starter.

* Drawn Together. Sit across from each another and put your artistic skills to the test, crafting portraits that will no doubt speak volumes about the way you really see each other. The less skilled you are, the more entertaining your work will be.

* Heat Up the Kitchen. Pick an insanely difficult, exotic recipe and combine your resources to conquer it. Ideally your efforts will culminate in a romantic meal. If things go bad you can always get pizza.

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10 Easy to Plan, Cheap, and Fun At Home Date Ideas [Money Help For Christians]

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