80-Year-Old Man Accidentally Donates Life Savings To Goodwill

Check your pockets before sending clothing and household goods to Goodwill, especially if you’re in the habit of storing your life savings in the pocket of a favorite suit. An 80-year-old man in Illinois with a Depression-era mistrust of banks stashed his savings around the house. That cash was in the pocket of a suit jacket that the main claims he donated to a Goodwill thrift store. He didn’t realize what had happened until a week later.

He’s embarrassed enough that he doesn’t want to be identified. While Goodwill checks donations in its warehouse, the family is offering a no-questions-asked $1,000 reward for the cash in case the suit had already been sold.


Elderly man mistakenly donates $13,000 to Goodwill [WQAD] (Thanks, GitEmSteveDave!)

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