Get Your Cheap Eat On: Subway To Offer $2 Sandwiches In December

Not in the mood for an entire $5 foot-long sub? The holiday season has brought yet another gift, in the form of a deal: Starting tomorrow and going through December, you can grab a $2 six-inch sandwich from Subway.

Fast food aficionados love a good discount deal, including Subway’s familiar $5 foot-long, so no doubt this price cut will be welcome during the holiday season.

USA Today says the price only goes for the popular meatball and cold-cut subs, however, so if you’re jonesing for a cheaper tuna salad sandwich, sorry.

Subway is perhaps trying to combat slow sales, traditional in December across the fast-food industry.

The Subway deal is the lowest-price 6-inch sandwich that the chain has offered in years, says Tony Pace, marketing chief at Subway’s franchisee advertising fund. “We’re just showing folks a little love when everyone is fretting about the economic future,” he says.

And yes, if you do the math — you can get two $2 six-inch subs for less than one $5 foot-long sandwich*. But just for December!

*A Twitter tipster tells us sandwich artists will be selling the foot-longs for $4 in December, so check it out tomorrow and let us know!

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