Reporter Investigating Foreclosure Fraud Finds Out He's A Victim Of Foreclosure Fraud

As much as we Consumerists hate when our work crosses over into our personal lives and we end up on hold with our cable TV provider for hours or feel the sting of the grocery shrink ray, that’s nothing compared to what happened to a reporter in Las Vegas who, while investigating the rampant foreclosure fraud in his region, discovered he too had fallen victim to the very problem he was reporting on.

Three years ago reporter George Knapp of KLAS-TV purchased a foreclosed-upon house. Or at least he thought he’d purchased the home. As part of his interview with a local lawyer, Knapp gave the attorney his home address to see what, if any, mistakes had been made during the foreclosure and subsequent sale.

Turned out it was a a little more than a mistake. After the attorney quickly discovered an error in the chain of title for the property, Knapp contacted the Nevada Attorney General’s office, which confirmed he did not actually own the house because of fake signatures and improper filings.

But while everyone is pretty sure that Knapp doesn’t legally own the home he lives in, no one can seem to tell him how to go about getting the situation fixed.

George Knapp, Las Vegas Journalist, Becomes Victim Of Foreclosure Fraud He Reported On [HuffPo]

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