You Could Score $1.50 As Part Of Class Action Suit Against Ticketmaster

Start greasing up your piggy bank, Ticketmaster users! If you bought tickets from the online behemoth between October 21, 1999 and October 19, 2011, you could be entitled to anywhere from $1.50 to $25.50 as part of a settlement in a class action suit.

Consumerist reader Scott H. alerted us to a notice he received, which told him that apparently someone out there was fighting back against Ticketmaster’s crazy fees.

He says:

I just received notice of this settlement this morning. Apparently someone fought the monopoly and won, at least a little bit. Now if only we could put up with a little inconvenience and waive some their exorbitant “convenience” fees, perhaps by printing our own tickets. Oh wait… I think they charge for that, too.

Checking out the lawsuit’s official page shows that it all started with two customers who claimed that “Ticketmaster’s Order Processing Fees and UPS Expedited Delivery Prices of tickets are excessive and deceptive.” Ticketmaster is disputing those claims.

If the settlement is approved, any customers involved in the suit will receive a credit of $1.50 on their Ticketmaster accounts for any transactions, up to 17 transactions, made between the allotted dates. For more info on the suit, check out the official site of the plaintiffs.

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