Alleged Walmart Pepper-Sprayer Turns Self In But Won't Talk To Cops

By now you’ve likely heard about the Walmart shopper who police originally said used pepper spray to give herself a competitive advantage while bargain hunting on Black Friday. In the days since that incident made national news, the woman believed to be responsible for injuring at least 20 people has turned herself in to the the authorities — but she’s not really giving much of an explanation for why she thought a cloud of pepper spray would be a good idea.

Though the woman, who was not taken into custody, has cited her right against self-incrimination, the LAPD says there are no shortage of people willing to give their accounts of the incident. “We have a ton of witnesses and victims to interview,” one officer tells the L.A. Times. “We know who she is.”

Authorities originally labeled the incident the result of “competitive” shopping but would not comment to the Times on Saturday as to whether or not the sprayer might have been acting to protect herself against the crowd that had ripped apart the Walmart Black Friday video game display within minutes of the bargain bell ringing at 10 p.m. on Thanksgiving night.

Once again, here’s some video from inside the Walmart on the night in question:

Suspect in Wal-Mart pepper spray attack refuses to talk with LAPD [L.A. Times]

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