5 Questions To Ask Your Landlord Before You Sign A Lease

You’ve spent considerable time and effort hunting for the next place you’ll live, and think you’ve finally found the right apartment. Your instinct urges you to plow through the paperwork and get the move started, but before you commit you need some key information.

In its extensive guide on apartment hunting, Lifehacker suggests you grill your prospective landlord to make sure you’re making the right choice.

Here are 5 important questions to ask:

* How old is the wiring? Find out how reliable the power system is and how to replace fuses. Also, verify you’ll have enough outlets to keep all your devices properly humming.

* How long has the unit been vacant? This can be an opener that leads to follow-ups that nail down hints about potential problems with the apartment.

* Do all the appliances work? Before you move in, you’ll want to make sure the fridge functions properly and get a sense of your water pressure, heating and cooling mechanisms.

* What’s the procedure for reporting emergency maintenance? Establish upfront which problems you’ll be expected to solve yourself. When your sink is clogged or your toilet is overflowing on Christmas Eve, you’ll need to know whether to call a plumber or someone the apartment has at the ready.

* What do you do for pest control? Find out what chemicals are used and how often treatments happen, as well as what to do when you find several new cockroach roommates.

Find the Perfect Apartment for You by Asking the Right Questions [Lifehacker]

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