Make Your Money Go Farther By Stretching Out Spending Intervals

When you’re looking to cut back on spending, it’s natural to look for money-sucking activities to cut out of your life entirely. But that’s not the only way to trim a budget. Rather than eliminating what you do, you can just do those things less often.

Avowed minimalist Fabulously Broke in the City suggests extending the intervals at which you spend money regularly. Her post recommends taking longer in between haircuts, pedicures, eating out and going out, as well as making old products last longer by cutting back on how often you use them.

The run-it-into-the-ground mentality saves you on a small scale with toothpaste and shampoo, but can provide massive savings when applied to cars and computers.

Cut back without cutting out something from your budget [Fabulously Broke in the City]

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