Thanks, Bank Of America, For Not Burning Down My House Or Killing My Dog

When Bank of America recently decided to scrap its plan to not charge its customers a $5/month fee for using debit cards to make purchase, the bank said it had listened to what its customers thought about the idea. But should consumers be grateful to BofA for not doing something they shouldn’t have done in the first place?

Check out the following ad for Bank of America, in which customers thank the bank for not burning down their house, killing their pets, or kidnapping and torturing their families.

It includes the following pledge from BofA:
“Whenever anyone notices any of the terrible s*#t we do, and makes enough of a stink about it, we won’t do it anymore… at least for a while.”

Alas, Bank of America has not decided to be completely honest with its advertising and this is just a spoof from But we might actually respect a bank slightly if it came out and spoke this frankly about its practices.

Thanks to Tim for the tip!

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