Turn Household Junk Into Do-It-Yourself Gifts

There’s no need for Black Friday when you’ve got a closet full of odds and ends just waiting for you to shape into homemade gifts for your friends and loved ones. With luck and skill, you can turn gift-giving into an expression of your artistry rather than just another entry on your credit card receipt.

In a guest post at Frugal Beautiful, a blogger named Pocky suggests some household items you can transform into gifts with a little free time and ingenuity.

Her ideas include sewing a wool sweater into a floppy hat, using crochet ninja magic to turn a fleece blanket into a rug, rearranging old T-shirts into shopping bags and stenciling a witty saying onto a canvas to make a decoration with attitude.

Remember, no matter how awful your gift turns out to be, social norms dictate that the recipient will be forced to pretend to love it.

Frugal Feature: Geek Craft from Living Apockylypse [Frugal Beautiful]

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