Lack Of Toilet Paper Leads Angry Hotel Guest To Do $2090 Worth Of Damage

When you have a problem with something missing from your hotel room, there are usually better ways to channel your frustration than by going on a rampage that results in more than $2,000 in damage.

But that’s what happened at a Charlotte, NC, hotel early Monday morning, when a guest — ticked off that he had run out of toilet paper — opted not to call the front desk but to go upstairs to a room that was being renovated, take TP from the bathroom and then clog up that toilet, flooding the room.

According to the police report, this tomfoolery resulted in $2,000 in damage to the carpet and ceiling (presumably of the room below the flooded one).

But the man wasn’t done yet. He is alleged to have returned to his room where he did more damage to a hair dryer and a bathroom light.

Lack Of Toilet Paper Leads Man To Destroy Charlotte Motel []

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