BofA Scraps Plan To Let Customers Opt In To Overdraft Fees

As it paid out $410 million to settle a class-action suit over reordering transactions to maximize overdraft fees and backed down after initiating a $5 monthly fee for debit card users, Bank of America has done some soul-searching. The bank says it’s decided not to go ahead with a plan to let customers opt in to a $35 overdraft fee on debit purchases made with insufficient funds.

The Boston Globe reports BofA was kicking around the idea to start a service that would text customers when they tried to make debit card purchases with insufficient funds in their accounts, letting them decide to go through with the transactions and pay the fees. The bank currently rejects debit purchases when there’s not enough money in the accounts.

A spokesperson said the bank planned to test the program early next year, but killed the idea, saying “That’s no longer on the table. We did not test it, and there are no plans to move forward with a test at this time.”

Bank of America scraps overdraft idea [Boston Globe]

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