Apple Replaces Frayed Magsafe Adapter Cables For Free

Apple will replace or refund out-of-warranty frayed Magsafe adapters, according to the terms of proposed class action lawsuit settlement.

The computer maker was hit with the lawsuit back in 2009 that alleged the old T-shaped adapters had a defect that allowed the internal wires to become frayed and exposed, leading to risk of sparks and fire. A lawsuit filed last year claimed that this kind of adapter was responsible for starting a major house fire in Connecticut.

In 2008, Apple started replacing frayed magsafe adapters for free. They’ve since redesigned the adapter to have an L-shape so as to reduce strain on the contact point. But by now, nearly all the computers with the old style adapter are out of warranty.

Though the settlement is pending approval, Apple has already posted a new support document that said that customers with frayed magsafe adapter cords can bring them into the store for a possible replacement. They want you to bring in your laptop along with it and they will check to make sure that the fraying is from wear and tear and not accidental damage. The settlement website also says that another option you can go for is a cash repayment.

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