Personal Finance Roundup

Car-Buying Help: 5 Smart Resources to Get the Right Car at the Right Price [Moneyland] “Here’s a list of helpful and informative resources of use to first-time buyers and experienced negotiators alike.”

Waiting for the cable guy is costing us $38 billion [CNN Money] “The vast majority of Americans, or 57%, say they spent the most time waiting for the cable guy.”

21 Frugal Ways to Reward Yourself Right Now [Wise Bread] “Wallet-friendly ideas to reward yourself.”

5 Things to Buy Used [US News] “Here are five categories where you can buy used items that are almost as good, just as good, or even better than what you can purchase brand new.”

More Year-End Tax-Saving Strategies [Smart Money] “Several ways to cut your tax bill, including selling investment losers and giving to charity.”