Talk Your Boss Into Letting You Work From Home

Working from home eliminates time you waste during a commute, can keep you comfortable and possibly make you more productive. Most importantly, it allows you to squeeze in a game of Mario Kart whenever the spirit moves you. With technological advances continuing to make telecommunication more popular, now is as good a time as any to spring a decent proposal on your boss to let you become a free range wage slave.

Money Under 30 advises you how to convince your boss to remove your leash:

* Be upfront about why you want to work from home. Or at least be plausibly upfront. If the move saves you from paying for two hours a day for daycare for your three kids, tell your cheapskate boss and he just might give you the go-ahead in lieu of giving you a raise. If you want to stay home to play Mario Kart, use the daycare excuse anyway. If you don’t have kids, just use the commute thing.

* Tell your boss how it will help him and the company. Say you’ll work more effectively in comfortable environs, or explain how basing yourself at home will cut down on gas mileage on visits to clients.

* Present a communication plan. Establish when and how you’ll be available. If your boss sits 30 feet away from you but you communicate via IM or email rather than face-to-face, rationalize that you can do the same thing from your couch.

How to Ask Your Boss to Work from Home [Money Under 30]

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