Verizon Class Action Settlement: Get Refunds For Accidentally Pressing "Get It Now" Button

If Verizon “erroneously” charged you for accidentally pressing the “Get it Now” or “Mobile Web” buttons on your phone, you can file for a refund, thanks to a recent class action settlement.

The lawsuit is related to the Verizon insider confession New York Times gadget columnist David Pogue published in 2009 that said the wireless company had rigged their phones to grab $2 a time everytime someone accidentally hit the “Get It Now” or “Mobile Web” buttons on their phone. It was a fee trap for their customers, the insider alleged.

At the time of the controversy, Verizon wrote in a letter to the FCC (PDF) that, “…in order to protect customers from minimal, accidental usage charges, Verizon Wireless does not charge users when the browser is launched, and opens to the Verizon Wireless Mobile Web homepage. If the browsing session ends there without the customer navigating to another webpage, the customer will not incur charges for Mobile Web browsing.” However, Pogue’s readers wrote him to say that’s exactly what happened. That complaint was also among those in the class action lawsuit. Some customers also said they got data charges even when they didn’t access the internet on their phones.

Verizon Wireless denies all wrongdoing and has agreed to settle to end the litigation.

You’re eligible to request a refund for any mistakenly billed charges that you haven’t already gotten a refund for if you are or were a Verizon Wireless customer who paid pay-as-you-go data charges between November 2007 and January 31st 2011.

You can submit an online claim form here in order to get your monies. [via Top Class Actions]

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