Michael Dell Replaces High-End Laptop Previously "Fixed" With Black Marker, Crumbs

Jeremy’s 3D Alienware gaming laptop from Dell didn’t work right from its first bootup. It had blue screens of death and the video card needed swapping out. When he sent it in for repair, he got it back with crumbs in the keys, and a crack on the side someone tried to hide with black marker. When we posted his story on Consumerist, we gave him CEO Michael Dell’s email address to go tell his story. Now Jeremy writes that after he emailed Mr. Dell, the CEO intervened and made sure Jeremy got a brand-new laptop, along with a free memory and CPU upgrade.

Jeremy writes:

I contacted Michael Dell and told him what the problems were and sent him a link to the consumerist report that had been posted. 2 days later I got a call from Dell saying that Michael requested to give me a new computer. They also offered to upgrade my memory and my CPU for no additional cost.

I’ve used the computer for a few months now and everything is running great with zero crashes! I’ve played Battlefield 3 with the graphics on high and there is no glitching and I’m quite impressed with the quality.

From what I’ve seen my previous computer was simply a lemon and Michael’s support has brought back my respect and support for Dell and their products. I appreciate the help from everyone and I hope that this may help someone else in the future who may be experiencing some of the same issues.


Alienware Laptop “Fixed” With Black Marker, Food Crumbs

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