Man Reuses Letters From Borders Sign To Open "ODE" Bookstore In Same Spot

San Francisco is big into recycling and books, and both interests have combined in the form of a liquidated Borders bookstore that is getting reused as a used bookstore. The owner is even finding a place for the letters in the original Borders sign: spelling out the name of the new store, “ODE.”

It seems old Borders locations are good for something more than just temporary Halloween superstores.

The NYT reports the new owner bought 40,000 remaindered books for $50,000 and is using 7,000 of the 35,000 square foot facility to sell the books. “People are always going to want to feel and touch hardcover books,” he told the NYT.

He also swears that the new sign is less about creating an homage – or eulogy – for print media, and more about saving money, telling the NYT, “I was able to make a new sign by just rearranging the letters.”

He thinks that by keeping overhead low, by getting rid of the cds and cafe and frills, and selling old books instead of new ones, he’ll be able to make a go of it where Borders was not.

“I may not be able to make as much sales as Borders,” he told NYT. “But I will still be able to turn a profit.”

(Image is photoshopped)

An Ode to Cheap Books in a Former Borders [NYT](Thanks to Michael!)

Liquidated Borders Store Reincarnated As Temporary Halloween Shop

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