Liquidated Borders Store Reincarnated As Temporary Halloween Shop

What happens to old Borders stores now that the book chain is bankrupt and liquidated? In Kennesaw, Georgia, one old Borders shop has been brought back from the dead as a temporary Halloween supply warehouse. It makes reader DW sad.

DW writes:

While doing some shopping in Kennesaw, Georgia yesterday, I wondered what had become of the Borders book store I used to frequent. I found that the empty building has been rented out to a seasonal Halloween franchise.

I know it’s fashionable for many Consumerist readers to heap derision on Borders, celebrate their demise, and laud the lower prices of online outlets. Certainly, the Borders saga is a cautionary tale, and they are not without fault in their downfall. Even so, some of these stores were staffed by several kind, intelligent people who enjoyed working with regular customers.

My family and I found the Kennesaw Borders to be one of the better locations, and genuinely enjoyed shopping there. The loss of that community of individuals (not to mention their jobs) is regrettable in any case. Hopefully, the people working for the Halloween shop are grateful to have employment. No doubt the building owners are glad for the rental fees. But I doubt very many discussions and friendships grow out of semi-disposable wigs and masks the way they can over books and music.

Recalling the better times spent at this store, seeing the “Borders” letters covered by a temporary banner for the macabre Brigadoon of a low-end costume and trinket shop just seemed rather sad.

For what it’s worth,

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