Brooklyn Restaurant To Try "Pay What You Want" Model

The restaurant business is incredibly risky, especially in a city like New York with its fickle diners and over-the-top overhead costs. But that’s not stopping a restaurant in Brooklyn from going ahead with plans to try out the whole “pay what you want” model for a month.

Dubbed the “Greek Bailout,” Williamsburg’s Santorini Grill will start allowing customers to pay what they choose to pay starting Nov. 4 and continuing through the end of the month.

But the owner Paula Douralas says that “if it pays my bills I’m not stopping.”

“I was brought up by my mother and grandmother that we help each other,” she tells Gothamist. “We give and we take, we don’t only take. I’ve been giving all my life, not much because I’m not rich, but whatever I can give.”

The deal doesn’t cover take-out or delivery and doesn’t include drinks. “I’m not crazy!” explains Douralas.

We hope this venture does better than Panera’s pay-what-you-want store in Portland, OR.

Williamsburg Restaurant Starting “Pay What You Want” Policy [Gothamist]

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