Make A Fog Machine For $5

Forget tossing down the sawbucks at Guitar Center, you can make your own fog machine at home for just $5 with stuff you get from the store. Nope, there’s no dry ice, smarty pants. This video shows you how to do it.

Basically, you add 1 part food grade glycerine from the local supermarket to 3 parts water. That solution is your “fog juice.”

Then, cut off top of a 1 liter soda bottle into an aluminum basket. Using masking tape to seal the rim so now smoke escapes the sides.

Fill the apparatus with your solution and place over a heat source. The concoction will start smoking up in no time. When it needs a reboost, just pour a bit more of your “homebrew” in the top of the bottle.

DIY Halloween, holla! ‘Cause there’s nothing spookier than being broke.

[via BoingBoing]

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