Large Bottles Of Aussie Shampoo Now Somewhat Less Large

Richrecruiter picked up one of those large bottles of Aussie Moist shampoo from Target recently, and noticed that it was smaller than the previous bottle he had purchased. Why, about 20% smaller, but at the same price. The Grocery Shrink Ray is on the attack!

He sent the attached (slightly blurry) photo, along with an explanatory caption.

Took a trip to the local Target to pick up my favorite shampoo and noticed new packaging and less shampoo for the same price. The old Aussie shampoo had 33.8 FL OZ, good for 125 washes. The new bottle is 29.2 FL OZ, and you’re out of luck after 100 washes. The price, $4.94, remains the same.


How much shampoo is in a “wash” depends on how much hair you have, doesn’t it? How do you quantify a “wash”? Well, no matter how much hair you have, watch out for this slightly smaller bottle.