How To Beat HDTV "Customer Service"

If your HDTV set is malfunctioning you follow the advice most HDTV manufacturers put on their website, you can actually end up screwing yourself. Surprise, surprise. Here’s what you should do instead.

HD Guru says that if your set starts to fail, even briefly, immediately call the HDTV manufacturer and start a case number to document the issue. Here’s the thing. HDTV makers tell customers on their website that they should just reboot their HDTV to fix most issues. But if the issue is a faulty part, it’s usually failing because it gets powered up and overheated in some way. Unplugging the TV and then turning it back on may temporarily help because it let the part cool down. However, often times this just delays the inevitable. Then when the part completely breaks for real, you may already be past the warranty period and out of luck.

So if you start noticing your HDTV acting funny, call up the set maker right away and start documenting the issue. If you establish proof that the HDTV was starting to fail within the warranty period it will make filing for a warranty repair or replacement a lot easier.

How To Deal With HDTV Customer Service and Win [HD Guru]

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