Author Crafts Modest Proposal For Police Officers To Consider

Law enforcement officers put themselves at great risk, perform a vital public service and give society the peace of mind to be able to function with confidence. Even so, it has been said that some cops have been known to do things that could be classified as annoying or abusive.

Leave it to noted satirist and author Maddox to give officers some presumably tongue-in-cheek yet pertinent advice. (Warning: crude language and images).

Here are the messages from a few of his tidbits, stripped of the coarse language and comical rage:

* Find something better to do than set up speed traps. Speeding tickets sprung on violators through speed traps seem cheap and exploitative. There are probably enough people on the road doing dangerous stuff to keep an officer occupied rather than staying in one place to play a game of “gotcha.”

* Give each other speeding tickets. Anecdotal evidence, much supported by movies and TVs, holds that off-duty law enforcement officers automatically get free passes when pulled over for moving violations when they flash their badges. No one should be above the law.

* Don’t abuse your red-light running privileges. When an officer risks his and everyone else’s neck by flashing his lights and running a red light, it should be for a valid crime prevention reason and not for personal convenience.

A message to cops. [The Best Page in the Universe]

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