Comcast Keeps Sending Same Guy Who Couldn't Fix Switch

If the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results, then you have to worry about the mental health of Comcast. They keep sending the same technician out to fix Brian’s switch, even though the tech doesn’t have the parts or competence to repair it.

This is bad because the switch’s latency issues are negatively impacting the phone system for Brian’s office. Without reliable phone service, it’s really hard for them to do business. Brian writes:

For more than two months I have been trying to get Comcast to resolve a network latency problem with our business class service. They’ve already determined that the problem is with the switch in our building and is effecting other customers.

I have had them out here multiple times. Last week a tech came out and tested the router in our office and said it was fine. I had to make him go in the basement and test the switch. He found the problem, but couldn’t fix it so he escalated it to a more senior tech.

The phone support people and the field tech have promised that this will get resolved and said the higher level tech would come – and even scheduled it.

Who did they send out the second time? The tech who couldn’t solve it before. He called and they told him someone was already here to fix it.

I don’t buy that because 1) you need a key to get to the basement of our building and 2) the problem persists.

They have known what the issue is for more than two months but yet no one that comes here has any institutional knowledge or any information on it.

The solution is pretty straightforward – fix or replace the switch.

Meantime, I’ve lost many hours on the phone and waiting for techs to show up. Plus this latency problem is effecting our phone system and keeps us from doing business.

For speedier results, you might want to try twittering your woes to @comcastcares.

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