Thief Uses Woman's Credit Card To Rack Up $717 At Same Burger King

It’s not unusual for a credit card thief to charge some outlandish amount to the victim’s card, hoping to score big before setting off alarm bells. But police in Boca Raton, FL, say they are trying to hunt down a criminal who only charged about $14 at Burger King, ever day… for more than 50 days.

Police found out about the crime after a local woman called to let them know about the hundreds of dollars that had been charged to her Discover card at a nearby Burger King over the previous two months.

According to, the woman initially shrugged off the charges, thinking it was her son using the card to feed his face at BK. But when the charges kept coming and her son had been out of the area, she grew suspicious. That’s when she noticed the card had gone missing.

After contacting the police, she found out that the card had been used up to five times in one day at Burger King.

“The incident is currently under police investigation and [Burger King Corp.] is cooperating fully with the authorities,” a BK rep tells the Sun-Sentinel.

Credit card thief spends $717 at Burger King in Boca Raton in two months []

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