Mom Crusading Against Dirty Fast Food Playgrounds Says She's Now Banned From 11 McDonald's

Over the summer, concerned mom Erin Carr-Jordan made headlines around the country with her online crusade to clean up filthy playgrounds found at McDonald’s and other fast food chains. It seems her efforts have rubbed at least one Golden Arches franchisee the wrong way, as Carr-Jordan claims she’s been barred from all of his eateries.

Posting earlier today on the Facebook page for her Kids Play Safe campaign, she writes:

Had a visitor at my home this morning at 7a. I was hand delivered a notice from the attorneys representing the owner of the MRSA location informing me that I am prohibited from entering any of his 11 McDonald’s (I had only previously been to the 1). What does that tell you about him and his establishments? Im thinking it means he doesn’t want me to find out what’s in there! I will give you a list of the exact addresses. FYI the Chick fil A’s all said I was welcome and could swab whenever I want.

Reading through Carr-Jordan’s previous posts, it looks like the “MRSA location” is a reference to one particular McDonald’s Playland at which she claims to have, through her swabbing of slides and other playground surfaces, detected the presence of Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus.

Just last week, she wrote:

Found out that the MRSA playland was not shut down like I thought! Was told that it was disinfected and it was not. There was still sand etc all over and the swab I took was black. When I went back I was actually told to leave as I was writing my name, contact info, and lab results down for the manager on duty. Since I thought it was going to be clean I had 3 of my kiddos with me (obviously did not let them touch anything). The person who told me to leave threatened to have me arrested while my children were standing next to me. I learned today that the owner of the establishment gave that order. I also learned from him that telling the managers is a useless thing to do and that if you complain you should have a “business card” to prove you have credibility??? Why is one persons complaint more valid than another because they have credentials?

Just for fun, here’s her original video that got the ball rolling over the summer:

Thanks to Mike for the tip!

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