Man Finds Parts Of His Stolen 1949 Ford Shoebox On Craigslist

Craigslist is a great place to find stuff. Like parts from the 1949 Ford Shoebox that was stolen from your driveway.

KCAL reports on how a classic car collector woke one morning to find that his very special car was very missing. Since May, he and his friend have been religiously checking Craigslist, hoping to find traces of his car. Then, at the beginning of October, he saw an ad that gave him a big hunch that what the people were selling was his missing car.

He and his friend contacted the seller and arranged to check the car out. The seller showed them not the whole car, but several pieces from it. Most were standard stock issue and weren’t definitive. But, “once we saw the steering wheel, I knew that was my steering wheel,” the man told KCAL.

The man reported it to police who arrested the seller and an accomplice on suspicion of operating a chop shop.

The car owner is glad to have his car parts back, and also gets a kick out of telling about his foray into the realm of private gumshoe work.

“It was pretty fun, we were like deep undercover,” he told KCAL.

Man Finds Parts Of His Stolen Classic Car On Craigslist [KCAL]

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